Invitation to publish in the new printed monthly journal “Scientific Perspectives” (Series. Public Administration; Series. Law; Series. Economics; Series. Medicine)!



Dear colleagues!

To realize the scientific and intellectual interests of Ukraine, as well as recognizing the need for promising innovative development of science in Ukraine, the public scientific organization “Ukrainian Assembly of Doctors of Sciences in Public Administration”,  Interregional Academy of Personnel Management and public organization “Association of Scientists of Ukraine”  created journal “Scientific perspectives” (Series. Public administration; Series. Law; Series. Economics; Series. Medicine).
Currently, a set of articles has been launched in № 1 2020 and № 2 2020, which will be published in July 2020. Publication is free.

The deadline for submission of materials is July 15, 2020.
More about the publication at the link:
We invite you to cooperate!
Thank you in advance.


President of the Assembly                E.O. Romanenko