Akimova Lyudmila Nikolayevna

Institutions of state regulation of corruption prevention in the system of ensuring economic security in Ukraine





Bielska Tetiana Valentynіvna

Inkin Maksym Valeriyovych

Problems of formation of asymetric joined territorial communities: communicative aspect

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-29-40



Bliznuk Andrii Stanislavovich

Features of institutional support of mechanisms of state regulation of recreation sphere development

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Brendak Alina Ivanіvna

Prospects of decentralized control implementation in the area of state customs affairs of Ukraine

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Vavrenyuk Sergey Anatolievich

Internal risks of the contemporary state of higher education in Ukraine

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-64-74



Diegtiar Oleg Andriyovych

Plotnytska Svitlana Ivanivna

Instruments for increasing performance and efficiency of business structures and public authorities interaction at the process of social and economic development

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-75-86



Zalizniuk Viktoriia Petrіvna

The study of the food security of the country in the conditions of the crisis

DOI:  10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-87-94



Ivanenko Olena Volodymirivna

Bureaucratic management functions: special issues

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-95-108



Kulava Mariіa Konstantinovna

State-level management of interaction of bodies of state executive service and private bailiffs: the international experience

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-109-119



Kukharchuk Petro Mykhailovych

Kovrigina Liliya Mikhailovna

Kalinin Vadim Oleksandrovych

Characteristic features of introduction of inclusive education in Ukraine

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-120-135



Mysara Alkum

Typology of models of state policies from providing civil potential of relations between authorities and society

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-136-143



Marusina Оlena Sergeyevna

Global aspects of the development of higher education in the modern world as the main determinants of a radical change in public administration of this sphere

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-144-156



Musienko Andrey Vladimirovich

Scientific background of the state and problems of development of international instutional principles from the questions of development of mechanisms of public administration by transplantology

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-157-166



Naplyokov Yuriy Vasilievich

A model of delegation of leadership between the state authority and the civil society

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-167-187



Nepomnyashchyi Oleksandr Mykhailovych

Barzylovich Dmitry Vladislavovich

Medvedchuk Oksana Valeriyovna

Risk-management as an instrument of the public regulation of risk assessment in construction and operation of buildings

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-188-202



Poplavskyi Andriy Anatolievich

Modern potential of the state regulation of the activity of combating corruption and organized sustainability

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Romanenko Yevhen Оleksandrovych

Step at nato meeting

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Diegtiar Andrii Olegovich

Serohina-Berestovska Oksana Victorivna

Theoretical aspects of management of development of social infrastructure in the region

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Suray Inna Gennadiivna

Public management: scientific and substantive discourse .

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Terentieva Anna Valeriivna

System analysis as a method of decision making

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Filonenko Sergiy Viktorovich

Directions of improvement of institutional and economic mechanism of industrial policy in Ukraine

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Khomaiko Kseniia Oleksandrivna

Priority directions and practices in improving cooperation in public authorities with international organizations.

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Yarovoy Tikhon Sergeyevich

Lobism: definition of the concept in the field of theoretical-discussive field and normable process

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-276-285



Parkhomenko-Kutsevil Oksana Ihorivna

The principle of decentralization as a basis for the formation of a qualitative human resources potential of the public administration system

DOI: 10.32689/2617-2224-2018-15-5-286-295






Al-Atti Irina

Methodological features of public administration development investigation



Bogdanenko Anatoliy Ivanovych

International experience of the public investment policy and possibility of its use in Ukraine



Vavrenyuk Sergey Anatolievich

Monitoring as a means of achieving the quality of higher education in Ukraine



Gurkovskii Volodymyr Igorevich

Solovyov Serhiy Hrigorovych

Digitizing of strategic communications for an example of implementation of reforms



Ivanenko Olena Volodymyrivna

Crisis of the efficiency of public administration: theory and practice



Lavruk Alexander Valerievich

State policy in the development of animal husbandry in Ukraine



Lebid Olha Mikholaiivna

Lebiedieva Nadiia Anatolievna

Study of the potential of state protectionist policy’s formation on the amator cinema art



Marusheva Oleksandra Anatoliivna

Prav Yurii Grigorovich

Barzylovich Dmitry Vladyslavovych

Modern conceptual approaches to the state regulation of socio-economic relations in construction



Martyshyn Dеnys Serhiiovych

Informational and communicative policy as an instrument for strengthening of interaction

of state and church



Marusina Оlena Sergeyevna

The problems of formation of new a new overview politics in the edge of the swith as one of the present minds of the essential progressive rolling



Molodtsov Oleksandr Volodymyrovych

Typology of models of state policies from providing civil potential of relations between authorities and society



Mudrenko Natalia Volodymyrivna

Foreign relations: the essence of the concept




Nepomniashchyi Oleksandr Mykhailovych

Basic principles and components of risk management during construction and operation of facilities: public administration aspect



Okhotnykova Olha Volodymyrivna

Formation of managerial elite through examination system: meritocratic approach



Romanenko Yevhen Oleksandrovych

Shakhov Valery Andreevich

Chaplay Iryna Vіtalіivna

Parliamentary opposition. European experience for Ukraine



Serohina-Berestovska Oksana Viktorіvna

Features of management of development of rural social infrastructure



Tverdohlieb Maryna Yurievna

Technology of determining the index of value-oriented parliamentary activity



Chernoivanenko Аlina Volodymyrivna

Strategic directions of development of relations between the state and political parties in ukraine



Chorna Kateyna Pavlovna

State governance in Ukraine during the times of subordination to Russia: peculiarities of the administrative and police apparatus



Shostak Svetlana Nikolaevna

Terminology elements of public administration of international investment projects



Yuzkova Olena Ivanivna

Pecularities of innovation leadership development in public management







Bogdanenko Anatoliy Ivanovych

The public investment policy in the system of factors of economic development of Ukraine


Vavrenyuk Sergey Anatolievich

Features of governmental regulation in the sphere of educational services of Ukraine


Vasylieva Nataliia Victorovna

Vasylieva Oleksandra Ilyinichna

Public-Private Partnership as a tool for development of territories


Vorotin Valerii Yevgenievich

Shirinova Aliya Fehruz kizi

The risk management as an innovation approach in govermental management of customs procedures in guam countries


Havrylov Andrii Volodymyrovych

Analysis of the risks occurring during construction


Hrebeniuk Maksym Vasilievich

Problem issues of implementation of state policy in the field of state security


Karlash Viktoria Victorovna

Problems of government regulation in the health of Ukraine


Karpyuk Sergey Vasilievich

Actual theoretiko-methodological aspects of research of the phenomenon “state administration” in paradigm of development of modern public administration


Kifriak Oleksandr Nikolaevich

On the concept of the concept of transparency of functioning by the public authority


Kustova Svitlana Mykolayivna

Main principles for regulation of public financing of political parties: experience of developed democracy countries and Ukraine


Lavruk Alexander Valerievich

State policy and activation of its functions in the development of animal husbandry


Lebedeva Nadezhda Anatolievna

Communication of society and local government bodies in the context of public organizations’ activities


Lytvyn Nataliia Mykhailivna

Problems of financial decentralization in Ukraine


Lysenko Serhiy Oleksiyovych

Modern trends of informational security development, as a literary objective


Malygina Iryna Victorivna

Features of the realization of state personnel policy in the education in Ukraine


Martyshyn Dеnys Serhiiovych

The role of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in the current processes of state formation


Marusina Оlena Sergeyevna

Innovative aspects of management of modern higher education — an important basis for its successful reformation in the era of transition to informational societies


Marusheva Oleksandra Anatoliivna

Strategies for regulation of socioeconomic relations in construction


Naumenko Konstantin Valerievich

Methods of public administration of civil society


Prav Yury Grigorievich

Construction area as a government governance object


Prylipko Sergii Mykhailovych

History of becoming and development of cooperative movement in Ukraine at the end of XIX – at the beginning of XX centuries


Radetsky Ruslan Stanislavovich

System against corruption in Ukraine: problems of interaction of subjects


Stelmakhova Oleksandra Nikolaevna

Media of Ukraine: problems and outlook


Chaplay Iryna Vіtalіivna

State regulation of the problems of investment processes in the construction of social housing in the context of European experience


Chorna Kateryna Pavlivna

Ukrainian state Pavel Skroropadsky: peculiarities of national military autocracy


Ostrovоy Aleksey Vladimirovich

Analysis of the conditions for the state policy formation to ensure kibernetic security in Ukraine