Congratulations of Yevhen Romanenko with the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language!

З Днем української писемності та мови! – Бориславська міська рада


Dear colleagues!

Congratulations with the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language.
This holiday occupies an honorable place among the most important events in the cultural life of the country and is a good occasion to once again turn to ancient national traditions and comprehend its place in the present.
Native language is a person’s spiritual connection with the environment, nature. The spiritual strength of many generations of Ukrainians is concentrated in their native language. Therefore, one who consciously avoids the language of his ancestors may lose the love and grace of his native land.
The great mission of the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language is to unite all Ukrainians of the world, to pass on to new generations the literary and artistic treasures of our people, to love the native language, to cultivate a caring attitude to ancient monuments, to strengthen pride in the Motherland.
I wish you success, health and fruitful work!

President, Doctor of Science in Public Administration,
Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine    Yevhen Romanenko