Collection of materials to the Law and Public Administration Magazine “Expert: Paradigm of Legal Sciences and Public Administration”

Експерт. № 2 (4) / 8, 2019

Dear colleagues!

Acceptance of  articles to issue # 3 (5) – December 2019, of the Law and Public Administration magazine “Expert: Paradigm of Legal Sciences and Public Administration” has ended and a set of articles is announced to its next issue!

Directions of Legal Sciences:

  1. State-building and law-making.

  2. Problems of Contemporary Constitutionalism.

  3. Issues of public law.

  4. Private law questions.

  5. Procedural law.

  6. Criminology

  7. Criminalistics and forensic expertise.

  8. Forensic examination of objects of intellectual property.

  9. International law.

Directions of Public Administration:

  1. Theory and history of public administration;

  2. Functioning and development of mechanisms of public administration;

  3. The Conceptual Principles of the Civil Service;

  4. Regional administration and local government;

  5. Public administration in the field of education;

  6. Modern state-of-the-art technology.

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Editor-in-chief                      E.O. Romanenko