The collection of articles was started at number 5 (15) – September 2018 of the collection “Public management”

Dear authors!


On behalf of the editorial staff of the collection “Public management”, thank you to all who sent the articles to No. 3 (13) – May 2018. As soon as the collection is prepared by the publishing house, we will send it to you.
We are writing to inform you that the beginning of the admission of articles to No. 5 (15) – September 2018 and we invite you to send materials for publication. The deadline for sending articles is 01/08/2018
Before publication in the publication, articles are published in which the results of scientific researches of the employees of higher educational establishments, academic and branch scientific organizations, employees of international, state and regional organizations, authorities, dealing with the development of theoretical and practical aspects of public administration are summarized.
Thank you in advance.





Editor in Chief,

Vice-rector of IAPM,

Doctor of Science in Public Administration,

Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine     Y.A. Romanenko