Congratulations with the feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul!

Dear colleagues!

Congratulations with the feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul!

This holiday dates back to the time of Jesus’ life. In today’s world, it is not as important as then – today is just the end of the bathing cycle. But in fact, we would have a lot of time to spend on this extraordinary day dedicated to the memory of the first two disciples of Christ. Peter is one of the 12 apostles. He went through a difficult path to faith, betraying Jesus three times, but he was still able to repent and turn to God. When the persecution of Christians began, the Apostle Peter was martyred and crucified.
St. Paul, unlike Peter, was not an apostle. On the contrary, he first persecuted the Jews. However, one day in the city of Damascus, where he was fighting Christians, Christ appeared to him, and Paul was blinded by the powerful light. When he repented and believed, his sight returned. He also died a martyr’s death – his head was cut off.
May this holiday bring love and harmony to our families, encourage us to do useful things, take care of our relatives and friends, and be kind to strangers.
May the light of this holiday not be extinguished in our souls, awakening the desire to live and work for the common good, for the sake of the future.
I wish you inexhaustible spiritual strength, good health, happiness and success.

President              E.O. Romanenko