We invite scientists and leading specialists to publish in the professional from public administration collection “Public management”


Dear authors!

            On behalf of the editorial staff of the collection “Public management”, I express my sincere gratitude to all those who sent articles to № 5 (10) – December 2017.

          As soon as the collection is prepared by the publishing house, we will send you its electronic and printed versions.

          I am writing to you with the information about the beginning of the collection of articles to the of № 1 (11) – March 2018 and I invite you to publish your scientific materials in it.

          For more information about the collection, check out the information on its website: http://vadnd.org.ua/ua/general-information/


Chief editor,

Head of the Department of Public Administration of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management,

President of the Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of Science in Public Administration of Ukraine, Chairman of the Dissertation Council for the Defense of Candidate Dissertations of Public Administration of Interregional Academy of Personnel









      Y.A. Romanenko