For your attention the materials of scientific events of IAPM!



Dear colleagues!

To your attention a collection of materials of the reporting scientific-practical conference “Problems of the development of democratic statehood in the context of world modernization processes of the formation of national civil societies (political, legal, economic, social, psychological and managerial aspects)” dedicated to the memory of the Ukrainian independence fighter, Hero of Ukraine Levka Lukyanenko and materials of the V International scientific-practical conference “Problems and prospects of socio-economic development of Ukraine in conditions of European integration. “
The organizer of the events is the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.
The co-organizer of the events was the public scientific organization Ukrainian Assembly of Doctors of Science in Public Administration.
The collection presents issues of a wide range of aspects of the systemic modernization of Ukraine.

Yours faithfully,
President of the Ukrainian Assembly of Doctors of Science in Public Administration                                     E.A. Romanenko