Congratulations of Ye.A. Romanenko with Stritenie!

Картинки по запросу "стрітення"


Dear colleagues!

Congratulations with Stritenie!
Ukrainians have been celebrating Stritenie since ancient times. According to folk beliefs, on Stritenie winter meets spring and they argue with each other. The winner of the dispute remains to rule the Earth. Also, it was believed that February 15 is the only day when thunder can be heard in winter.
With the advent of Christianity, Stritenie gained additional significance. The scripture says that when the Virgin Mary brought Jesus to the Jerusalem temple, a holy elder named Simeon, whom the Lord foretold would not leave this world until he saw Christ the Lord, recognized the Savior in the child. Thus, Jesus first appeared to the world as the Messiah.
On this day, I wish that love and mutual understanding always reign in our families, and in our souls – immortal joy that will strengthen in our hearts faith, hope, love for God and for all the people around us.




Doctor of science in public administration,

Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine               Ye.A. Romanenko