Yevgeny Romanenko’s Greetings with the Lord’s Compassion!

Картинки по запросу "Стрітення Господнє"

The Lord’s Compassion is considered a holiday of the Old and New Testaments. The details of bringing Jesus to the temple are described in the Gospel. According to the Old Testament law of Moses, the eldest son in the family had to be consecrated to God. At birth, the firstborn was made to make a symbolic sacrifice in the Temple of Jerusalem – a year-old lamb, dove or turtle. According to legend, after Christmas, his family lived in Bethlehem. On the 40th day after his birth, Joseph Obruchnyk and the Blessed Virgin Mary went to Jerusalem to fulfill the law. In the Temple, the family was met by 360-year-old Elder Simeon the Blessed Virgin, who was promised that he would not die until he saw the Savior of mankind promised by Isaiah’s prophecy. Taking the baby of Jesus Christ into his arms, Simeon proclaimed him the Messiah. Thus, the Lord’s Compassion became the link between the Old and New Testaments, the moment people met the Savior.

On this day I sincerely wish all God’s help and God’s blessing, health, peace and prosperity, happiness and well-being. Let love and mutual understanding always prevail in our families, and immortal joy in the souls. And let this joy strengthen in our hearts, and faith, and hope, and love to God, and to all the people who are around us.


Рresident                            Ye.A. Romanenko