Congratulations from Assembly President Yevgeny Romanenko with Fatherland Defenders Day!

Картинки по запросу "23 лютого"



Dear defenders of the Fatherland!


I congratulate with Fatherland Defenders Day.

This holiday embodies the heroic deeds of our compatriots and the continuity of the best traditions of service to their country.

We are proud of the courage of the Ukrainian people, we gratefully acknowledge the valor of the military.

Today, a professional, well-equipped army is established in the country, which is able not only to guarantee the security of Ukraine, but is also an internal core of statehood.

The modern generation of defenders of the Fatherland honorably performs its military duty, demonstrates a high level of coordination and fighting skills.

I am convinced that in our country the Armed Forces will always be a reliable guarantee of peace, stability and security.

I wish everyone happiness, prosperity, success in service for the benefit of their native Ukraine!


President               E.O. Romanenko