Congratulations of the President of the Assembly with birthday Vashenko Konstantin Alexandrovich – Head of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service

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Dear Constantine Alexandrovich!


            Congratulations on your birthday!

            During the years of responsible work as the head of the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, you have made great strides in the implementation of the potential of public administration, solving urgent tasks aimed at its development, earned high authority and respect for its long-term activity, professionalism, active life position, and work ability.

        A talented leader and a keen politician, today you will implement new projects aimed at the prosperity of civil service in Ukraine.

      On this remarkable day I wish you health, happiness, inexhaustible optimism, wisdom and patience, correct decisions and promising projects, reliable helpers and loving ones!

      Peace and cloudless sky!

      Let throughout your life be accompanied by luck, success and recognition!



PresidentHead of the Department of Public Administration of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Chairman of the Dissertation Council for the Defense of Candidate Dissertations of Public Administration of Interregional Academy of Personnel







 Yevhen Alexandrovich Romanenko