About participation in Waste Management in 2016!


13.09. 2016 Assembly President – Yevhen Romanenko and scientific secretary – Irina Chaplay took part in the event Waste Management 2016, which took place in Kiev, in the Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine. Organizer of the event is the company «Business Forum».

The event is directed on the attraction of investment in the sphere of treatment with solid waste (hereinafter – SW), strengthening relationships, interaction, collaboration between the sector, suppliers of equipment and technologies, market operators, retailers industrial companies, manufacturers of packaged goods, government agencies and financial and investment companies.

In the Waste Management 2016 took part more than 100 participants from Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Romania, Turkey, Finland, France, Sweden, including representatives of government agencies: Ministry of Economy of Azerbaijan, Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration (further – RSA), Kyiv Regional State Administration, Kirovohrad Oblast State Administration, Lviv Regional State Administration, Odessa Regional State Administration, Ternopil and Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Khmelnytsky and Chernihiv regional State Administration, Chaplynske district Council, Vinnytsia city council, Melitopol City Council, Khmelnytsky City Council; Representatives of companies: ADARCO INVEST, Cross Wrap, Enviroplan, ERK- Eckrohrkessel, HSM, Presona, SUEZ, Tomra Sorting, etc.

Environmental technologies and innovations of the Ukrainian and foreign companies and organizations operating in the field of SW management were represented on the event.

Much attention during the event was paid to the questions of necessity of Ukraine’s transition to European standards for collecting, processing and recycling of the waste.

Stanislav Ihorevych Volodarsky – Managing Partner of the Business Forum, stressed that, today, the need for investment in the sphere SW management estimated by the International Finance Corporation (IFC, World Bank Group) is equal to the  14.3 billion euros, including:

  • the modernization of collection, transportation and disposal of SW – 5.1 billion euros;

  • the construction of new processing – 4.3 billion euros;

  • the construction of new burial – 5.1 billion euros.

Maksym Aleksandrovych Barinov – Head of the management of accomplishment and public service areas of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, said that Ukraine should:

  • set 58700 containers for separate waste collection;

  • purchase 658 garbage trucks;

  • build 45 waste conversation plants.

Report of the Sergei Ivanovich Lukyanchuk – Director of the Department of the Environmental Safety of Ukraine of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, was devoted to the problems of waste management in Ukraine. He noted that in Ukraine, despite the worsening of the situation with a waste consumption, solid waste management system is ineffective. Positive changes occur in one of the sub-sectors of the system – collection and garbage collection, however, and these changes obviously not enough. Major problems exist with the further handling of solid waste, including their location on landfills, most of which are poorly equipped and overcrowded.

  Overall, the event was dynamic and facilitated to the fruitful discussions and exchange of views. Members and guests of the event established a number of business contacts for sharing experience, expanding of professional relations and business relations, deepening of participation in the relevant European institutions.