Картинки по запросу стажування за кордоном



               According to the “Procedure of assigning of scientific degrees to scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers”, approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of January from 14, 2016 # 13 for obtaining academic degrees of the senior lecturer, professor, senior researcher, defense of dissertations the necessary condition is a foreign internship.

            The rector, Dr. Silvia Gvozdjiewicz invites doctors of sciences, professors, candidates of sciences, postgraduate students, students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine to undergo an internship in the International Institute of Innovation “Education-Science-Development” (MII) in Warsaw (Republic of Poland). The training is carried out by certified international experts from the European Union.

         Working languages: Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian.

        Duration of the internship: from September 1 to November 30, 2017.

         All participants of the distance course will receive an international internship certificate indicating their chosen topic with a total volume of 150 hours (5 credits).

         Internship will be conducted on the basis of the electronic platform online and will begin on September 01, 2017. Everyone will receive an individual password to activate their page in the e-learning platform.

        All interested persons must fill out a questionnaire in English and send it to: [email protected] The form of the questionnaire can be found here. Questionnaires are accepted until September 1, 2017 inclusive.

        The registration fee is 120 euro for representatives of universities, enterprises, institutions, organizations of Ukraine.

       Additional information: Dr., professor Yakymchuk Alina Yuriyivna, Mt 0975981453, [email protected] Address: Rivne, street. Oleksa Novaka, 75, 238 aud., Department of State Management of Documentation and Information Activities of NUVGP.

       Republic of Poland: Dr. Silvia Gvozdjiewicz m.t. +48690900994, [email protected]