Congratulations with the birthday of Ivan Pavlovich Bidzura – Doctor of Political Science, Professor, Honored Worker of Agriculture of Ukraine


Dear  Ivan Pavlovich!

             We congratulate You with Your  birthday!

             On the occasion of the holiday, we express our sincere gratitude for your honest and selfless work, for the high professionalism, competence and responsibility, and active public position in the development of science and education in Ukraine.

              We wish you good health, success of family comfort, happiness and well-being!

              Let this festive day give you inspiration and perseverance in the common cause of strengthening the authority of our state, the European community and the whole democratic world!

              The inexhaustible energy and new professional achievements for the benefit of our country!

             Yours faithfully,


Doctor of Science in public administration, professor,

Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                         E.A. Romanenko