Yevgeniy Romanenko Greetings with Happy Easter!

Привітання з Великоднем 2020: найкращі вітання з Пасхою ...

Dear colleagues!


I sincerely congratulate you with a great and joyous holiday – Happy Easter!

In the Christian faith, Easter is the central holiday. This day symbolizes the cleansing of sins, renewal, and is celebrated in honor of the resurrection of Christ, who gave his life to atone for the sins of humanity. The date of Easter changes every year, but it is always calculated by one rule: it is the Sunday after the first full month, which came after the day of the spring equinox. According to biblical scriptures, it was on this very day that Jesus Christ rose again after death. On Sunday night, women discovered that the Savior’s body had disappeared from the tomb. An angel appeared to them and proclaimed that Christ had risen from the dead and atoned for the sins of all mankind before the Lord.

Thus, Easter is the foundation of our faith, the cornerstone of our hope of salvation. It is the source of strength and transformation of our lives. It fills our existence in this world with meaning, it gives belief in the future.

On this day, I sincerely wish all the help of God’s and God’s blessing, health, peace and prosperity, happiness and well-being. May love and understanding always prevail in our families, and endless Easter joy in our souls. May this joy strengthen in our hearts the faith, the hope, the love of God, and of all the people around us.



The President of the Assembly,

Doctor of Science in Public Administration,


Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                    E.O. Romanenko