Congratulations from the President of the Assembly with Ascension of the Lord!

Вознесіння Господнє народні прикмети


Dear colleagues!

I congratulate with  Ascension of the Lord!
The Gospel states that after his resurrection, Christ remained on earth for another 40 days, appeared to the apostles, and told them about the Kingdom of God, his second coming, and that they would soon be baptized by the Holy Spirit.
It is believed that on the fortieth day after the resurrection Jesus went to heaven and thus ended his earthly journey. But before they ascended into heaven, the Son of God gave his disciples the last instructions, blessed them, and began to depart, rising in the cloud, accompanied by two angels. Seeing such a miracle, the apostles returned to Jerusalem with great joy.
I wish you good, happiness, health and well-being in your families.
Happy Holidays!

President             E.O. Romanenko