Вітання Президента Асамблеї з Днем працівників освіти!

Картинки по запросу з днем учителя

Dear employees of the educational sphere!



         We cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday!

         On this day, I would like to say the warmest words to the teachers and educators, the leaders of the pedagogical collectives, everyone who today provides the organization of the educational and upbringing process, who cares about the development, health and future of our children.

         The future depends on your mobility, cohesion and conviction in the right choice. Your pedagogical skills, knowledge and intellect, the desire for creative search, patience and perseverance in many ways solve the ways of forming a new personality, capable of constantly improving its educational and professional level, working efficiently, effectively and successfully, making creative decisions and making responsible decisions prosperity of their state.

          We express our gratitude for the faithfulness of the profession, wisdom and constant readiness to open our souls for each child.

         We wish you stability in life, creative successes, inspiration, respect for colleagues, students, pupils and their parents, an inextinguishable desire to teach children and learn new things. Let awareness of the importance and necessity of your work for the development of society give you strength in the performance of a noble cause. I wish you happiness, health, creative achievements, talented and hard-working pupils, optimism, cheerfulness and good mood!


President of the Ukrainian Assembly

of Doctors of Science in Public Administration,

Doctor of Science in Public Administration,

Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine          Y.A. Romanenko