Assembly, together with the Publishing House, “Inter-nauka” founded an electronic scientific publication “Public Administration and National Security”! Welcome to the publication!

          ÐšÐ°Ñ€Ñ‚инки по запросу видавничий дім інтернаука



Dear colleagues!


The state and science coexist as two inseparable parts of the integral system and are interdependent.

They complement each other, performing the role of free equal partners. It is assumed that in the process of communication, exchange of experience and knowledge it is possible to influence the course of certain processes in the state, to involve society in solving important political, economic and social affairs.

In order to realize the scientific, intellectual, social interests of Ukraine, as well as recognizing the need for a permanent exchange of knowledge, experience and information on the issues of development of public administration, the public organization ” Ukrainian Assembly of Doctors of Science in Public Administration” together with the Publishing House  founded an electronic scientific periodic edition «Public Administration and National Security».

The editorial board of the publication includes well-known domestic and foreign scholars in public administration.

We are asking you to support the release of the first issue of the publication by sending your articles.
Deadline for submission of materials – September 15, 2018
Information about publishing on the site:

Thank you in advance.




Chief editor of the publication,

Vice-Rector of Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

Dr. science in public administration, professor

Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                            E.O. Romanenko