On June 5, 2018, in Kyiv, in the media center “Informator Kiev”, a press conference was held on the project partner of the Assembly Deadline.com.ua






On June 5, 2018, in Kyiv, in the media center “Informator Kiev”, a press conference was held on the project partner of the Assembly Deadline.com.ua.
The purpose of the press conference is to present the project Deadline.com.ua created for the development of socially responsible journalism in Ukraine, increase media literacy of the population, daily support of journalists, bloggers and public activists, encouraging freedom of speech in Ukraine.
During the press conference, the participants discussed ways to solve the key issues of journalism in Ukraine, wanting to activate (motivate) state and private media, even in small regions.
The co-founder and mentor of the project, Alexandra Stelmakhova, addressed the participants in the event with an introductory speech, which focused on stimulating interest in media and communications research, especially in the field of public administration science, where the work is not well developed.
Igor Vladimirovich Chaika, Ukrainian director, journalist, public figure, Head of the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine, told about how the mass media in Ukraine are operating today and what has changed in the media over the last 30 years, outlined the actual problems faced by a journalist or an editor when creating reports. and emphasized the importance of constantly expanding the media databases.
Naumov Sergey, a journalist, user of resource Deadline.com.ua dedicated his speech to the problem issues of press services among which:
– lack of a single database of journalists;
– the need for constant expansion of mass-media databases;
– difficulties of establishing relations with the editorial staff.

From the Assembly in the work of the press conference was attended by its President, Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration, Professor, Romanenko Eugene Alexandrovich and Executive Director of the Presidium of the Assembly Chaplay Iryna Vitalievna .
Eugene Alexandrovich noted in his speech that today the development of journalism requires the consolidation of efforts of stakeholders, including authorities, business structures, the public and public organizations, educational and scientific circles, and has an important task – to ensure sustainable development of Ukraine and to overcome existing problems. in public administration in Ukraine. This partnership aims to provide conditions for a satisfactory exchange of experience and information on the development of modern science; conducting joint work on the preparation and publication of the literature, its distribution and distribution; taking into account the diversity of contexts in which media and communication have experience, promote modernization and European integration of the scientific and educational space of the state.