April 04 celebrates birthday Yevgeniy Romanenko President of the Assembly, Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine

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Dear Yevgenіy Alexandrovich!


Congratulations with Your birthday!

You have made a great contribution in the development of national science of public administration, enriching it not only with various researches, innovations, ideas, but also starting new scientific directions and schools. Your publications are an important source of scientific research. Your achievements are proud not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Please accept the words of sincere gratitude and wishes for good health, family well-being and fruitful creative work.

Let all Your endeavors be accompanied by understanding and support from loved ones, colleagues and like-minded people, and your professional activity will always be filled with joy and great victories.

May Your most cherished dreams come true every day, and the joy of bright moments and positive experiences always warms the soul


Assembly staff.