І All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference «ADAPTATION OF of LEGAL SYSTEM OF UKRAINE TO THE EU Law: Theoretical and Practical Aspects»

December 8, 2016 in the Poltava Institute of Law of the National Law University named after of the Wise Yaroslav the І All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference «ADAPTATION OF  of LEGAL SYSTEM OF UKRAINE TO THE EU Law: Theoretical and Practical Aspects» held, which was attended by the Assembly President – Evgeny Romanenko and Executive Director of the Assembly Presidium – Irina Chaplay with the report on the topic  «European experience in the sphere of combating the corruption and the possibility of its using in UKRAINE».

The main purpose of the event – involving of the academic and practitioners to the studying of the theoretical and practical problems of adapting the legal system of Ukraine to European Union law.

In the scientific conference take part researchers, academics, civil servants, employees of executive bodies and local self-government, students, cadets, public administration graduate students, young scientists.

Stressing on the relevance of scientific meetings, participants drew attention to the fact that, at this stage of the political, social and economic development of Ukraine, adapting of the national legislation to the law of the European Union is of particular importance and urgency, since with this process not only the establishment of appropriate framework for future accession to the European Union is related, but also achievement of other important for our state goals.

Participants noted that the process of adapting the legislation requires strengthening of the analytical component. To this will facilitate maximum using of the potential of scientific research institutions. The authorities must cooperate with the «think tanks» for the receiving of help in solving of the controversial issues, development of practical recommendations with regarding of the interests of citizens and others.

During the panel discussion, participants discussed: general theoretical problems of adaptation of the national legal system to the rights of the European Union; difficulties of implementing national public law to the Acquis Community; obstacles on the way of conforming the national private law to the European Union and others.

Overall, the event was held at the appropriate organizational, scientific and educational levels, that were emphasized repeatedly by participants and guests. The plan of the conference was fully justified and effective. This applies to the program of measures and format of the presented by the participants reports.

The results of the conference will be published in the collection of abstracts by separate collection.

Find more information at: http://donntu.edu.ua/arxiv-novin