November 18, 2016 in Zaporozhye, in Classical Private University held IV International scientific-practical conference on the theme “Building of the effective mechanisms of public administration and management in conditions of today’s economy: theory and practice”, which was attended by the President of the Assembly – Yevhen Aleksandrovych Romanenko and Executive Director of Assembly Presidium – Iryna Vitalievna Chaplay.

During the event the main problems and prospects of development of public administration in Ukraine was discussed.

Participants noted that at the present stage of development of Ukraine as a democratic, social and legal state, taking into account the global changes that have occurred recently in the global economy, decentralization of power is one of the priorities of state policy. The result of the reform of the decentralization of power in Ukraine should be the formation of a new democratic model of governance oriented towards strengthening the role of local communities, enabling them to get a significant amount of power and control over their own affairs. Implementation of decentralized processes, in turn, will contribute to strengthening of the democracy in the country and increasing its stability.

During the presentations, participants presented research, technical solutions and methodological development.

In order to read more about the event please visit the official website: http://www.zhu.edu.ua/