I congratulate You on the Day of Unity of Ukraine!

Dear compatriots!

I congratulate You on the Day of Unity of Ukraine!
This holiday reminds us that Ukraine does not separate, that there isn’t a separate Eastern and Western Ukraine that we have a single state and we – one people!
I believe that the territorial integrity of Ukraine, sealed by the blood of millions adamantine fighters remains intact forever. We must be aware that only in unity of actions and catholicity of showers we can achieve the grand goal – to build economically and spiritually rich, free and democratic Ukraine by which our descendants will be proud of.
Let the mind, will and love to the native land unites us for the making of high goal – prosperity of the united independent democratic Ukraine powerful, reliable guarantee prosperity and a happy life for its people.
I sincerely wish all of You good health, happiness, peace, harmony and a deep belief in a decent future of Ukraine and native land!


President of the NGO “VADND” E.O. Romanenko