UKRAINIAN SOCIETY: Contour of Innovations

Assembly co-organizer of the conference! We invite you to participate!


Dear colleagues!

The rapid development of the science ofpublic administration, the need to learn innovative methods of European development, improve the formation of democratic developments in Ukraine require from the public authorities, science, business and public the continuing education.

Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of science in public administration acting the co-founder of the Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “UKRAINIAN SOCIETY: Contour of Innovations” (hereinafter – Conference) that will be conducted by the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management and will be held March 30, 2017 in the city Kyiv (Conference program is attached ).

The main thematic areas of the Conference:

  1. Philosophical Aspects of the perspective of innovative society;
  2. Actual problems of innovative development of public administration and civil service in Ukraine;
  3. The state and regional policy in Ukraine: the contours of innovation;
  4. The main directions of innovative local government reform in Ukraine in the context of civil society;
  5. The value system of civil society post-totalitarian Ukraine: state and prospects;
  6. Modern social problems in social and personal dimension;
  7. Institutional factors of innovation and transformation of economic development of Ukraine;
  8. Innovative information technology as the basis of post-industrial society;
  9. Law and Society: issues of our time.

Please You to promote the conduction of the Conference, to take a personal part in its work and submit abstracts for publication in the book that will be published on the results of the Conference.



Head of the Department of Public Administration of the
Interregional Academy of Personnel Management,
President of the Ukrainian Assembly of doctors
of Science in Public Administration of Ukraine
Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Professor,
Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                                                                                                                 Evgeny Alexandrovich Romanenko