The Babi Yar tragedy in the heart of the Ukrainian people

      Трагедія людства: Гройсман закликав не забувати про Бабин Яр

      76 years ago – September 29, 1941 – in the tract Babi Yar, the Nazis began mass shootings of the Jewish population of Kiev. This tragedy has become a universal symbol of the Holocaust.

      Babi Yar is a tragedy of all mankind, but it happened on Ukrainian soil. No Ukrainian has the right to forget about her as well as any Jew. Babiy Yar is our common tragedy, the tragedy, first and foremost, of the Jewish and Ukrainian peoples.

     This is a primordial reminder to us of the pain that will never pass, and we must always remember the hundreds of thousands of people who perished in Babi Yar.

     Today, efforts must be made to prevent the recurrence of crimes against national and religious identities in the future. This should concern every person and citizens of Ukraine can not be away from these processes.

     I believe that together we will not allow racial discrimination, the restoration of fascism, persecution on the basis of nationality, the split of the country by language, faith or any other attribute.

     Ukraine is united and will remain united!