About the beginning of the work of the thesis council of the IAPM on defending dissertations for the degree of candidate of sciences in public administration

          Картинки по запросу поздравление с защитой диссертации

              September 26, 2017 in the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management held its first meeting, newly established this year, dissertational council for defending dissertations for the degree of candidate of science in public administration.

        The meeting began with the greeting of the Chairman of the Dissertation Council, Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Romanenko Evgeny Alexandrovich, who congratulated the members of the Council present at the beginning of his work.

        At the first meeting of the Academic Council, two candidate theses were successfully defended, namely: Doroshenko Elena Aleksandrovna on the subject: “Mechanisms of state regulation of financial and economic support for the provision of secondary medical care in Ukraine” and Oksana Aleksandrovna Radchenko on the theme: “The Genesis of Legitimation of Public Institutions in Ukraine: the state-management aspect “.

      We wish all the members of the dissertation council good health, inexhaustible energy, creative inspiration, many new professional ideas and achievements in your hard, responsible work!

      The staff of the All-Ukrainian Assembly of Doctors of Sciences in Public Administration