Іnternational scientific conference «The rule of law and democratic society: factors of development and cooperation»

April 14, 2016 in the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management hosted an international scientific conference on the topic «The rule of law and democratic society: factors of development and cooperation» in which the Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of science in public administration was a co-founder.

The conduction of conference is conducted by the need of the further development and improvement of law state and democratic society with the introduction in their practice of best and domestic achievements and scientific and technical trends.

Collection of the a wide range of representatives of government, local government, state enterprises, institutions and organizations, higher education institutions, civil society, students, graduates, no doubt, contributed to the active exchange of information, because this event –  significant contribution in the providing of priority branch for Ukraine, appointed as public administration.

As co-organizers, we sought to create a new discussion platform that will help to increase the level of qualification of specialists, gain by them of new knowledge, expand and improve the practical and theoretical skills. Thus, on the conference from Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of science in public administration, presented the reports Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Assistant Professor Yevhen Oleksandrovych Romanenko and Iryna Vitaliivna Chaplay made a presentations on the topic «International experience of marketing elements in the communication policy of the state», that  revealing features current trends of democratic society in the global, European and national dimensions.

We hope that strong and reformist directions of conference and in the future will continue to gain momentum, contributing to successful cooperation and active participation of the public in shaping and implementing democratic principles of the rule of law for the good health and well-being of the people of our great native Ukraine.

Reports of the participants of the plenary and breakout sessions will be placed in the collection of abstracts for the conference.

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