Activities of the Assembly members on the international scene

On March 28, 2018 in Kiev, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine hosted a presentation of the book “The Era of Independence” by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev.
Presenting the book, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Ukraine Samat Ordabayev emphasized the special historical role of the Leader of Kazakhstan in the formation and development of Kazakhstan’s statehood. The Kazakh diplomat noted that due to the verified and wise policy of the President, Kazakhstan was held as a successful state with a stable political system and a market economy having a high international authority. According to him, the journalistic genre of the presentation of the “Era of Independence” allows one to understand more deeply the essence of the unique Kazakhstan development model, the logic of making political and economic decisions that are crucial for the country.
Commenting on the book, Vice-President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academician S. Pirozhkov said that the progressive and dynamic development of Kazakhstan is largely ensured by the ability of President N.Nazarbayev to formulate specific strategic goals and objectives, mechanisms for achieving them. At the same time, he delicately feels the changes in world trends, quickly adapting internal processes to them. In this regard, the Academician emphasized, his program of the Third modernization of Kazakhstan and 5 social initiatives are very timely.
President of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Academician V.Kremen noted the fundamental nature of the next work of the President of Kazakhstan. In his opinion, the very title of the book “The Era of Independence” laid a very deep philosophical sense of the development of the Kazakh model of statehood under the leadership of NA Nazarbayev. As V.Kremen noted, one of the key components of Kazakhstan’s success is NANazarbayev’s systemic thinking, his bold and verified decisions. The last example is the transition of the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin alphabet.
Chairman of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Ukraine, Sheikh Ahmed Tamim called the new book “the mirror of the people of Kazakhstan”, personified by his Leader – NA Nazarbayev. He noted that Kazakhstan is an exemplary example of the preservation of interreligious and interethnic accord, which must be studied and borrowed.
The President of the Ukrainian Foreign Policy Association, Ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine V. Khandogiy noted that Kazakhstan for a short period of time organically entered the global system of international relations. He stressed that thanks to the constructive nature of foreign policy, Kazakhstan has built good and equal relations with both its closest neighbors and the world’s leading powers. Successfully presided over the OSCE. Currently he is an active member of the UN Security Council.
The Ukrainian academic and expert circles highly appreciated the book of the Leader of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev, noting the successes of Kazakhstan in the international arena, the importance of deepening and strengthening friendship and cooperation between Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
The presentation was attended by the heads of diplomatic missions, representatives of state bodies of Ukraine, the scientific and expert community, the Kazakh diaspora and the media.