Congratulations with Third and Last Savior, or as it is also called, the Nut or the Bread

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Dear colleagues!

I congratulate you with Third and Last Savior, or as it is also called, the Nut or the Bread.

The Nut Savior is the final holiday of the three summer Saviors, which are dedicated to honoring God, harvesting and preparing for winter. The holiday got this name because hazelnut (hazelnut) is still ripening, which means that it can be harvested and harvested.

The Third Savior was established by the Orthodox Church in honor of the transfer to Constantinople of the non-manufactured image of Jesus Christ. Hence the other names of the holiday – Linen Savior, Savior on canvas, Non-manufactured Savior. According to legend, Jesus washed his face with water and then wiped with a towel, which reflected his face. This towel with a non-manufactured image of the Savior healed the ruler of Edessa from a deadly disease that contributed to the spread of Christianity there.
I wish you love, harmony and prosperity!

Let all the troubles and troubles remain in the past, and only bright pleasant events await you!

Go through life with a smile and you will notice that the world is smiling at you in return!

Believe in miracles – and your life will be filled by magic!


President of the Assembly

Doctor of Science in Public Administration,

Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine E.O. Romanenko