Congratulations of Yevhen Romanenko with the birthday to the founder and chairman of the supervisory board of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management Georgiy Schokin

Картинки по запросу букет жовтих троянд


Dear Georgiy Vasilyevich


Congratulations with your birthday!

Your high professionalism, devotion to scientific work, spiritual wealth, and active stance lead to a well-deserved recognition and respect for friends, colleagues, students, and pedagogical community. You are a recognized scholar, a talented teacher, and become Master for us. We respect, love and value you for the generosity of the soul, wisdom, intelligence, understanding. We are proud and delighted with your relentless pursuit of everything new and willingness to share your experience, creativity, knowledge with others.

We sincerely wish you good health, happiness, optimism, warmth, attention!


President of the Ukrainian Assembly

of Doctor of Sciences in Public Administration                Ye.O. Romanenko