Congratulations of Yevhen Romanenko with the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Вітання з Днем Збройних Сил України! | Державна служба України у справах ветеранів війни та учасників антитерористичної операції


Dear servicemen, employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

The exploits of the defenders of the Fatherland are our majestic history, a model of patriotism for every honest person and conscious citizen, a clear testimony to the unity of generations of our people.
I sincerely wish you success, victories in business, peace and prosperity in your home.
Let each new day be filled with new, bright and positive emotions.
Optimism and cheerfulness to you, always go only forward – to new projects and new achievements!

President of the Assembly,
Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Professor,
Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                          Yevhen Romanenko