Congratulations with Constitution Day of Yevgen Romanenko!

Привітання з Днем Конституції 2019: вірші, смс, проза і картинки ...

Dear compatriots!

Congratulations with  Constitution Day!

This holiday has become a symbol of freedom and independence of our people, a centuries-old way of development of the state and society on our land.

The continuity of national legal traditions, the use of the best achievements of world legislative experience are reflected in the Constitution of Ukraine. Its adoption has defined the main goals of our state, in which the rights and freedoms of citizens become a priority, and people and fair treatment are the main value.

Adhering to the provisions of the Basic Law, the coordinated and effective work of all branches of government, harmony in society, building a competitive economy, conducting effective social policies aimed at creating favorable conditions for decent development of each person.

I wish everyone good health and happiness, peace and prosperity to our sovereign Ukraine!



President of the Assembly, Doctor of Science in Public Administration,

Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine    Ye.O. Romanenko