Congratulations of Yevhen Oleksandrovych Romanenko with the Day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul!

Петра и Павла (Петров день) 2020 - 12 июля, воскресенье


Dear colleagues!


I sincerely congratulate you with the day of the holy apostles Peter and Paul!

This holiday has been known since early Christianity and was celebrated in the Roman Empire, both in the East and in the West. It is named after the apostles Peter and Paul, who preached Christianity throughout the world. They both accepted martyrdom for their faith, one year apart.

On this day in 258, their relics were transferred to Rome. However, the meaning of this event has been lost for centuries, and now this holiday is perceived as a commemoration of the martyrdom of both apostles.

The holy great martyrs began to be venerated immediately after their execution. For the first Christians, their burial place was sacred. In the IV century, Constantine the Great built temples in honor of the holy apostles in Rome and Constantinople. Joint celebration – June 29 (Art. Art.) – was widespread in the first centuries of Christianity. The Orthodox Church, on the day of remembrance of these saints, glorifies the spiritual firmness of St. Peter and the mind of St. Paul, glorifies in them the image of the conversion of sinners and those who are corrected: in Peter – the image of the sinner from the Lord and the penitent; he resisted the preaching of the Lord and then believed.

According to church legend, Prince Vladimir brought from Korsun an icon of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, which was later presented as a gift to the Novgorod St. Sophia Cathedral. In the same cathedral are still preserved frescoes of the XI century with the image of the Apostle Peter. In the Kyiv St. Sophia Cathedral there are wall paintings depicting saints, they belong to the XI-XII centuries.

On this day, I wish you, your family and friends, that the names of these saints, which are a symbol of purity, sincere faith and service to God, give health, patience, strengthening of faith, vigor, strength of will and inspiration for new bright achievements!

Openness of your soul and wisdom – thoughts!


President of the Assembly, Doctor of Science in Public Administration,
Professor, Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                Ye.O. Romanenko