Congratulation of Evgeny Alexandrovich Romanenko with the holiday of Ivan Kupala!

У ніч на 7 липня відзначають свято Івана Купала


Dear Colleagues!

I congratulate you with the holiday of Ivana Kupala. This is the summer solstice festival, celebrated on July 7th. This holiday symbolizes the birth of the summer sun – Kupala. But where did the name Ivan come from the pagan deity Kupala, the history of the Christian church can answer. It was in the IV century BC. e. She proclaimed this day the feast of the birth of John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus Christ. Due to Christianization in the holiday, the pagan name “Kupala” was combined with the Christian “Ivan”. Over the course of many centuries, on the territory of Ukraine, Kupala customs changed, always had local differences, and not everywhere were equally preserved – most of all in Polesie, as one of the archaic zones of the Slavic world.
Let this mysterious and fiery holiday bring you some magic in your life, give you faith in the wonderful and wonderful.
I wish you good health, happiness, inspiration, creative strength, a feeling of fullness and originality of life.

President of the Assembly                E.A. Romanenko