Congratulations from the President of the Assembly with the launch of Oil!

Картинки по запросу "з початком масляної"

Dear colleagues!

Congratulations with the launch of Oil!
This is a very ancient holiday. In the pre-Christian time, the celebration of the Mass was celebrated in the spring equinox, which, among a number of peoples who use the solar calendar, was also the beginning of the new year. The present name was given to the holiday after the adoption of Christianity in Russia. The fact is that the Orthodox Church tried to abolish all reminders of paganism. Therefore, since the sixteenth century in Russia introduced the church holiday Cheese week, or Myasopust, which precedes Lent. At this time, it was necessary, gradually abandoning the temptations, to prepare his soul and body for repentance, forgiving the insults and reconciling with his family and friends.
I sincerely wish that Maslyana brought you only happy news!
Never be discouraged, because even in the darkest times you can see the hope of a bright life!
I wish happiness, love, abundance, warmth, understanding and a great mood.

Doctor of Science in Public Administration,
Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                 E.O. Romanenko