Congratulations of the President with Palm Sunday!

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Dear colleagues!

Congratulations with Palm Sunday!
According to legend, Jesus visited Jerusalem that day, and the locals met him when he drove into the city on a donkey, lining the road with palm branches and shouting “Hosanna!” Thus, the people recognized Jesus as the Messiah, and, also, this event is a symbol of the entry of the Son of Man into Paradise. Palm Sunday, as a holiday, is considered one of the oldest. Mention can be made of him in the 3rd century. Then the holiday had another name – Week Wai. But, over time, when the holiday began to intersect with folk traditions, the name was given in honor of the fact that around this time fluffy earrings began to blossom. So we got Palm Sunday.
On this holiday, I wish everyone to live with faith and hope in their hearts, with an open soul, not to lose optimism, to work with joy so that each new day is better than the previous one.
Health, happiness, warmth and well-being!

Yours faithfully,
President of the Assembly                Evgenіy Romanenko