Congratulations to the President of the Assembly of Yevhen Alexandrovich Romanenko with the Day of Judicial Expert!

Картинки по запросу з днем судового експерта

Dear Forensic Experts!

Congratulations with Your professional holiday!
For a short period of time, Ukraine has developed a unique, effective system of organization of forensic expertise, and the Research Center for Forensic Examination on Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has firmly taken a worthy place among the state specialized institutions, on account of which there are many vivid examples when the expert’s opinion became not only an important component, and often the only way to establish the actual circumstances of the case to protect society and the state from criminal encroachments.
Human competences and the people’s faith in the victory of law and justice depend on the competence and high professionalism of forensic experts.
I hope that the forensic experts will continue to be fully responsible and committed to address the tasks.

Doctor of Science in Public Administration,
Honored Lawyer of Ukraine                   E.O. Romanenko