Congratulations of the President of the Assembly on the Youth Day!


Dear young people!

       The years of you there are most golden. After all, in front of as many cases as many peaks you planned to take over.

       I want to sincerely congratulate all of you and wish good and peace, happiness and good luck.

      Let the chosen path must lead to happiness.

      Let God help you in all endeavors.

      You – our support and hope. Have you always smiling luck. Let your plans always done, and dreams become a reality.

     Be always progressive, do not stop there, go forward, conquering more and more top.


Head of the Department of Public Administration of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management,

President of the Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of Science in Public Administration of Ukraine, Doctor of science in public administration, Professor, Honored lawyer of Ukraine







      Y.A. Romanenko