III International Scientific and Practical Conference   “Integration of the scientific community over the global problems of our time”, Kyoto (Japan)


            Ukrainian Assembly of doctors of science in public administration held, together with the Regional Academy of Management (Kazakhstan), the European Science Foundation «Institute for Innovation» (Poland), Regional Centre for European Innovation (Poland), the National Institute of Economic Research (Georgia), East European Institute (RUSSIA Federation) University of Economics and business (Kazakhstan) and Tarazskym innovative humanitarian University (Kazakhstan), an international scientific-practical conference “The integration of the scientific community to the global challenges of our time “, that held in the city Kyoto, Japan, February 26-28, 2018.

            From the Assembly in the conference took part President – Yevhen Aleksandrovych Romanenko and Executive Director of the Presidium – Iryna Vitalievna Chaplay.

            The participants of the event were university lecturers, academics, doctoral students, post-graduate students, students, representatives of non-governmental organizations and public activists, experts, employees of state authorities and administration, local self-government, and other interested persons.           The conference was held in the following sections:

  1. Technical sciences (mathematics, engineering, technology, energy,

    construction, mechanical engineering, computer science)

  2. Natural science (physics, chemistry, biology, agriculture, environment,

    medicine, geology, geography)

  3. Humanities (philology, philosophy, history, art,

    Cultural Studies)

  4. Social sciences (psychology, pedagogy, andragogics, sociology,

    political science, law)

  5. Economic Science (economics, finance, management, public

    management, marketing, tourism).

            The participants noted that, to date, scientists should play an active role in the development of mechanisms for dissemination of new technological developments, in particular, to develop links with multinational corporations and their production networks, since they account for the bulk of private research and doslidno- development work.

                        Delegates presented their materials in the form of presentations, projects that include the scientific development with presentation of slides, advertising, video clips, animations and more.

            The results of the scientific conference will be published in edition of abstracts and reports separate collection.

            Find more information at: http://amu.edu.ua/index.php/en/