The IV volume of the collective monograph “Modern Aspects of Science” has been published!


Dear colleagues!


Scientific Perspectives Publishing Group, with the assistance of the Central European Education Institute (Bratislava, Slovakia), the National Institute of Economic Research (Batumi, Georgia), the Batumi Educational University of Navigation (Batumi, Georgia), the Regional Academy of Management (Kazakhstan), the public scientific organization “ Ukrainian Assembly of Doctors of Sciences in Public Administration “(Kiev, Ukraine), the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (Kiev, Ukraine), the public organization” Association of Scientists of Ukraine “(Kiev, Ukraine), announces the publication of the IV volume of the collective monograph” Modern aspects of science “.
The monograph can be downloaded here.
The cost of a printed copy of the monograph is 400.00 UAH.
Optionally, the monograph can be ordered by calling +380639517855.
Also, we invite you to take part in writing
V-th volume of the collective monograph “Modern aspects of science”.
The monograph will include comprehensive and thorough research from different areas of science, at least 10 pages in volume, in the form of monograph sections written in Ukrainian, Russian, or English, languages.
The number of co-authors is not limited.
The cost of participation in the publication is 60 UAH. for 1 page of text.
The deadline for submission of materials is February 07, 2021, inclusive.
Materials should be sent to email: [email protected]
For detailed information on participation in collective scientific work, please see the website:

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President                          Evgenіy Romanenko
Chief Editor                     Irina Zhukova